Finding it hard to leave your baby overnight

When you have a newborn baby, it is normal for you to be reluctant to leave him or her for even a few hours, let alone overnight. Even if you are leaving your baby with the most responsible person possible, it is likely that you will feel worried or stressed and will be unable to enjoy your baby-free time because you are constantly worrying whether your little one is happy and settled.

But when is it right to leave them? Well, there is no RIGHT age to leave a baby overnight and this is ultimately a personal judgement call and depends entirely on you and your baby. More often than not, though, you may find you miss your little one more than they miss you!

When grandparents look after your babies

Pros and Cons

It is wonderful for children of any age to build a bond with their Grandparents, and this bond can start developing at a very young age if your baby has a sleepover at their Grandparents house, or are looked after by Grandparents at your own home.

However, as I am sure we all know from experience, Grandparents love to spoil kids! If your child is left in their Grandparents care, it is important to keep this relationship under control by setting out some ground rules and making sure there is clear communication when it comes to discipline. By making sure Grandparents understand the goals and rules you work with then the child, the Grandparent-Grandchild relationship can be a really beautiful one.

Importance of Grandparents to their grandchildren

Grandparents and Grandchildren give each other a much needed and loving relationship, and when managed and safe, they should be encouraged. Encouraging a relationship between your children and your own parents, or parents-in-law, can mean a great deal to the older generation, as well as building a positive relationship between you and your own parents.

When grandprents look after your babies

Family shoot for Grandparents and babies

Capturing precious moments between babies and Grandparents is a beautiful way to start building the fulfilling relationship. If you are looking to have a family photoshoot, our Cherubs Partner David Doyle who is based in Luton, is a fully qualified, highly experienced Cherubs photographer and DBS checked.