The Terrible Tantrum

Here at Cherubs Portrait, we like to blog about real problems and issues that we face as parents. This week, our chosen topic is ‘tantrums’ – an unavoidable situation that comes along with parenting, and we are all too familiar with.

A tantrum is one of the many challenges a child provides for a parent – the ‘dreaded meltdown’. Kicks and punches are thrown; the screams can get so loud that it feels like your ears are bleeding sometimes. Honestly, the whole performance is exhausting for both us parents and our children, and if displayed in public it can be both distressing and embarrassing.

‘Nip It In The Bud’

We know it is easy to say it, and harder to put it into practise, but when we know an outburst is brewing, we need to ‘stop it before it starts’. It’s harder to fix a regular problem when we have tried to ignore it and let it run its course.

cherubsThere are several things that can be done to prevent a tantrum from erupting, or at least diffuse the situation. Obviously, you can never 100% stop a child in an irrational meltdown from literally ‘throwing their toys out of the pram’, but you can deal with situation and alter the environment to reduce the final outcome.

The reason for a tantrum is seldom caused by lack of discipline, but more on other factors, such as: tiredness, hunger, frustration, confusion, jealousy, embarrassment, anger – and the list goes on. All of these factors can be labelled as emotions. Emotions are often the main trigger that provokes a tantrum in a child. Just like a fully grown adult, children can ‘wake up on the wrong side of bed’, find themselves ‘in a mood’, or feel grumpy and frustrated. As adults, if we’re angry, hungry, hurt, disappointed or just a bit irritated, we have to learn to control these feelings and behave appropriately. All of these emotions build up, and when a child cannot control them, the inevitable madness explodes.

With this in mind, simple forward thinking can (sometimes) prevent our children’s emotional outbursts; for example: ensuring our ‘little ones’ are fed and watered before going out for any lengthy activities; and trying not to have an action-packed day when we have evening plans that break the normal routine.

Some Favourite Tips

daddy present photographyOur most effective tip is to stay calm. This seems like an obvious one, however it’s often hard to bite your tongue or hold in your own outbursts when you are being publicly humiliated by a little human (that you created and are solely responsible for)!

Other tips to remember are: trying to turn things into games (pull a funny face, or pretend to tantrum yourself as if you think it is a game); enforce consequences such as their favourite toys being removed if they do not start to behave; give them a choice to decide to stop the tantrum and continue as if nothing happened, or keep on going and be disciplined. Sometimes it works just to let your child feel embarrassed by showing how shocked you are at their bad behaviour.

Cherubs Portrait

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