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Clothing and fashion are ever changing and what is popular one moment may change with the next new modern trend. A current modern fashion trend that has taken popularity is dressing children in the same outfits as their parents, a trend arising from the celebrities who started it, prime examples of which are Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes and Kate Moss.

The trend can undoubtedly be seen as cute and fun and may increase the bonding between parent and child. In some respects, it can make shopping for your child easier as you only have to find the one outfit in two sizes but in other respects it could prove difficult as the outfits may be hard to come across in such different sizes.

Double Trouble

There are pros and cons to dressing children in the same outfits, whether it is the same outfit as their parent or as their sibling. Dressing children the same can be charming, endearing and fun. It can also save time and effort in choosing different outfits when you can simply buy the same one in a different size. Selecting daily outfits is also made easier as you only have to decide on one, not multiple. It can also reduce arguments between siblings who may be jealous of what the other is wearing and therefore kick up a fuss.
With regards to the disadvantages of wearing the same outfits there is the opinion that it creates a lack of individuality for the child and they are unable to discover their own opinions and preferences regarding clothing and fashion. There is also the risk of conflict, where one child may have different tastes or prefer a different brand or style to their sibling or parent, which could potentially cause arguments.


Everything Works

At the end of the day it comes down to what works best for the individual parent and their children. If twinning your child pays off and they are happy and having fun, then the photos will look fantastic.
Every parent has their own ideas and opinions on what suits them and their children, and in the end, that is what matters most.

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