Cherubs Portrait Promotion – Terms & Conditions

– The Cherubs Promotion is offered to you by your local MPA approved Cherubs Portrait Photographer.
– Your contract is between you and your Cherubs Photographer.
– Only one child per invitation with the exception of twins, triplets, quads – in which case only one folio supplied.
– Cherubs Portrait Promotion includes a variety of promotions :

Bump to Baby : two separate portrait sittings, two 5 inch photographs and a branded double folio.

Watch me Grow : three separate portrait sittings, three 5 inch photographs a branded triple Folio.

My Family & Me : one family portrait sitting.

– A Registration Fee for any Promotion may apply. Please speak to your local Cherubs Portrait Photographer.
– It is up to the photographer how many images are taken at each session.
– You are under no obligation to purchase additional images.
– You must notify your photographer in advance if you cannot keep an appointment for any reason; your appointment will be re-scheduled.
– You may be removed from the programme for persistent no-shows (sittings or views) at the discretion of the photographer.
– The copyright of all images remains with the photographer.
– Your personal information will not be supplied to third parties.
– ‘Cherubs’ is a registered trademark of the Master Photographers Association (MPA).

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