Out With The Old And In With The New!

Toys Everywhere!

If your Christmas is anything like it is in my household, then you will know it can be absolute chaos! While nothing can compare to the feeling of seeing your children’s faces when they open their presents on Christmas morning, full of pure joy and excitement, the bedlam that follows can be a nightmare.

Toys are strewn all over the place as our babies frantically decide which one to play with first, and there is no sign of the carpet beneath the mess. And whilst our cherubs are occupied with their amazing new presents, any interest they had in their old toys seems to fly out of the window along with Santa on his sleigh pulled by mythical reindeers! So, what can you do with the now unwanted toys? Room needs to be made for all of the new ones, and fast!

Donate Unwanted Toys

First and foremost, there is no reason to throw out a toy that is in perfectly good condition. While your children may have outgrown their old toys, there are plenty of other children out there that would be only too happy to receive them. Every year there is the Shoebox Christmas Children’s project across the country where old toys and unwanted gifts are donated to third world countries. You could donate to charity shops who are always delighted to welcome new donations, or even speak to the Samaritans who help less fortunate families across the UK. It is important that you exhaust every possible option before throwing old toys away as this can have harmful effects on our planet and the environment, not to mention simply being just wasteful. If you really must throw something away, do your best to recycle it if you can.

recycling toys - Cherubs

Teach Your Children The Gift Of Giving

Some children may not be willing to give their toys away as they are surrounded by messages about the value of getting. However, teaching them the principles of giving gifts is an important learning curve all children should be encouraged with. Involving your child in selecting which toys they no longer want may help to prevent any upset. Show your child that what they appreciate may be missing in other people’s lives and that their actions matter to others.

Favourite Toys Make Great Props

If you decide to have a professional family photo shoot, or even just a shoot for your little Cherubs, their favourite toys can make the most perfect props and add to capturing wonderful memories within your session. A much loved teddy bear, blanket, or wooden toy train can keep your child comfortable between shots, but also add a super-cute ‘something extra’ to your images that you will treasure forever. Find out more about personalised family shoots or Cherubs Portrait photography sessions, locate your local photographer or make an enquiry.