A Fresh Start

A new year brings a new leaf, a fresh start and a chance to improve and better the year just gone. If this is something you do, why not implement this with your children, too?

Parents can find that New Year’s resolutions are a good, tactical way of implementing new rules, or breaking old habits. It can be a fun way of incorporating change, while keeping it upbeat and using the new year as the excuse. It’s situated perfectly after Christmas, so everyone is usually in a high, merry spirit and willing to try something different.

Here at Cherubs we are all for the New Year’s resolutions, and that’s why we would like to offer you some tips that may work for you and your child/ren.

Tip’s for the New Year

With the world of technology taking over, it’s often hard to draw your children away from that pixelated screen. No doubt they will have received at least one thing ‘techy’ from Santa, whether it be a new game for the Playstation or the latest model of the Nintendo. All in all, although a great and easy way to keep them entertained, it’s not the healthiest.

More and more mums are bringing up the topic of exercise and that’s why we feel a great NYR would be to get your child to try and spend a set amount of time outdoors, even if it is just fifteen minutes a day. Ideally an hour is great, however not all children will cooperate fully, so let them ‘dip their toe’ into the idea – any time in the outdoors breathing in fresh air is good time!

Over the holidays especially you can easily incorporate a dog walk, or even bike ride. This will give your babies plenty of exercise and will help you out with some chores as a parent. A simple game of ‘stuck in the mud’ or ‘tig’ will do the trick, too.

Another favourite NYR of ours is the promise to share. Suggest one resolution is for your child to share their favourite toy with a sibling for an evening, or even a friend. They could even do a swap overnight.
For example; exchange a favourite board game. It can be seen as a “win win“. Sharing their favourite game with a pal allows them to enjoy sharing while experiencing a whole new game that they haven’t got – cost effective and fun!

Finally, it’s not a new year without the trustworthy resolution of eating healthier. Even if last year played out well, it is always good to reiterate the importance of healthy eating after a binge out over the festive period. Apply a resolution to promise to eat the standard five a day and the you can implement a reward scheme which allows your kids to have a treat a day, too. This might seem a bit contradictory but it will really help and keep the whole thing upbeat.