Baby massage has become a bit of a craze over the past few years. Our Cherubs Partners thought we would investigate the benefits of baby massage, and also find some tips on how parents can do this themselves.

cherub baby massage

What is baby massage?

Baby massage is gently, rhythmically stroking the baby’s body with your hands. There are ‘baby massage groups’ that you can attend, or your health visitor should be able to give you some tips. If you want to try it yourself, you can use baby oils and moisturisers to make sure that your hands glide smoothly over your baby’s skin. Once your baby is relaxed, try gently manipulating their ankles, wrists and fingers.

To keep your baby relaxed and reassured, play some gentle music or talk softly throughout the massage.

What are the benefits of baby massage?

cherub photography baby massageSo why try this ‘baby massage’? Well, there are multiple benefits not only to the baby but to the parents, too. It helps with bonding, and is a way of expressing love and care for your baby. It is also very effective at soothing your baby and helping to encourage a peaceful sleep.

As the soft stroking of your hands soothes your baby, this will also stimulate production of oxytocin (the ‘feel-good’ hormone), not only to your baby but also to you.

Baby massage is also proven to help babies develop better physically, socially and mentally. You will notice that your baby becomes more relaxed, cries less and sleeps better after baby massage becomes part of your daily routine.

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