Do You Get Ditzy When You’re Pregnant?

It might come as quite a surprise, or even a shock to some of us that once we have fallen pregnant, we become really ditzy and forgetful. Forgetfulness commonly arrives hand-in-hand with pregnancy and can happen to even the most diligent and focused minds. Unfortunately, it is just something we all have to learn to deal with throughout pregnancy, along with everything else we are inundated with! Who said pregnancy was easy?

The Science Behind “Baby Brain”

Now there is actually research and studies into this ‘bout of confusion’ that pregnant women suffer, which has shown that once again, it is our hormones playing tricks on us and causing havoc. Not only this, but various other factors contribute to a lack of focus, such as sleep deprivation and exhaustion. To top it all off, research has proven that during your third trimester, your brain-cell volume physically depletes slightly. However, as women we have a variety of roles to play and pregnancy is another challenge we simply embrace.

Mum and baby

The New Baby Brain

There is no need to panic if anything you have just read has worried or alarmed you. Soon after giving birth, your brain-cell volume tops itself back up to capacity and you can leave your “forgetful self” behind. This is only a temporary change, but you must remember that it is completely normal and nobody is going to hold it against you. Don’t be so hard on yourself, just relax and take each day as it comes.

If you are worried about your memory, write the important things down or use an online application on your phone or computer to keep you organised. There are also changes you can make to your diet to aid your memory. Eating foods that are rich in a mineral called Choline is proven to boost your brain function, while omega 3 foods that are rich in DHA’s are beneficial for both you and your baby.

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